SF Bordignon GmbH

Stamping and Forming Technology

SF Bordignon GmbH, headquartered in Limburg a.d. Lahn, Germany, and supplies standard tool parts to medium and multi-national companies, including some of the most recognized and respected brand names globally, in the areas of stamping and forming and machine building.



In moulds for the production of plastic parts, the highest demands are placed on gas springs.

Quality pays off - Bordignon gas springs provide solutions for operating temperatures of up to 200°C thanks to their unique design.

The use of Bordignon gas springs in the series production of plastic parts increases production cycles, significantly reduces maintenance costs and at the same time takes safety to a new level.

Bordignon gas springs - superior performance and durability compared to other gas springs on the market.



Integration into Bordignon group

With the integration of the company into the Bordignon group in 2020 located at the new German location in Limburg a.d. Lahn the sales and the production of the Automotive Nitrogen Cylinders and Wire Springs as well as standard and special parts for the European tool industry will be merged.

This will strengthen our performance by providing access to increased production and storage capacities as well as improved know-how in the entire group of companies in combination with a strengthened service offer.


Nitrogen Springs AutomotiveLine


Durability, reliability, cost reduction

Where innovation happens


The Bordignon AutomotiveLine nitrogen gas springs have been developed as a reliable, standard solution for the automotive industry. Part of their design and technology comes from the well-known Bordignon “High Performance Line” nitrogen gas springs and therefore they offer – at an advantageous price – superior performance and durability when compared to the other nitrogen gas springs on the market.


System Supplier for the Tool Making Industry