SF Bordignon GmbH


Headquartered in Limburg, Germany, and supplies standard tool parts to medium and multinational companies, including some of the most recognized and respected brand names globally, in the areas of stamping and forming.

Beginning in 2003 the company began with the distribution of machined steel and aluminum plates for customers from varying facets of tooling.

Over the years the spectrum of standard parts offered to meet ever-increasing client demands has grown exponentially. We offer solutions utilizing products that are the latest in quality standards and innovation, thus, increasing the productivity of tools and machines.

Through the integration of the company into the Bordignon group in 2020 the sales and the production of Automotive Nitrogen Cylinders for the tool industry will be merged by SF Bordignon GmbH.

This will strengthen our performance by providing access to increased production and storage capacities as well as improved know-how in the entire group of companies in combination with a strengthened service offer.

SF Bordignon GmbH has become an important supplychain partner for a wide spectrum of industries, including; automobile, electronic, commercial vehicle, aerospace, household appliances, machine building and many more.

Working closely with our customers, a constant exchange

of information and a high level of flexibility, allow us to meet today’s industry demands. With our more than 60 years of experience, plus an external sales, service and distribution network, we are able to quickly fulfill our customer’s wishes, service and technical support


SF Bordignon Advantages

On-Site Customer Service

Our trained staff completes the customer order for the repair of gas springs, thus, reducing your personnel, production costs and training requirements.

Our technicians will also mount the gas springs and install the necessary hosing in your tools on-site. The technician will assemble according to the tool’s composite system parts and guarantee functionality of the system upon completion.

Worldwide Logistics

Part shipments available worldwide. Based on your location shipments can be same-day via Direct Express Delivery, or Next Day via courier.


Over 100,000 standard parts and accessories available in stock at our location in Germany.

The delivery of components for the production and maintenance of tools and operating equipment is carried out just-in-time on request.

System Supplier for the Tool Making Industry